WATCH: Who Inspires Jared Leto?


For 33 years, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has held a luncheon for Oscar nominees. The excited and celebrated men and women line up each year to take a group "class photo" to commemorate the moment.

Following the luncheon, the day of celebration continued as many stars attended The Hollywood Reporter's annual Oscar Nominees night at Wolfgang Puck's legendary restaurant Spago.

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One of the hottest stars this year, and a critical frontrunner for the Best Supporting Actor nomination, is Dallas Buyers Club co-star Jared Leto, who opened up to ET's Brooke Anderson about the Oscar luncheon, and why it was such a unique experience.

"Today was really special. We had the luncheon, and there was so much history, so much talent, in that room. I mean it's really inspiring and humbling just to be there with all those great people," Leto, 42, said.

When asked who he felt the most inspired by, the Golden Globe winner responded, "I like seeing some of the people that have been around for a long time. Like June Squibb and Meryl [Streep]. Folks that have been doing it a really long time and have had really wonderful careers, I find that to be incredibly inspiring."

Check out the video for more from Leto, and a number of other stars who opened up to Brooke on the red carpet.