Leo Shows Us the Art of the Oscar Campaign


Leonardo DiCaprio is pulling in 54 percent of Bing searches for "best actor," but when it comes to earning the Academy's votes, it's all about the campaign.

"It is almost impossible to win without being out there shaking hands, kissing babies and doing all the things that you do as part of an awards campaign," said Scott Feinberg of The Hollywood Reporter.

One tried and true method -- be charming. DiCaprio has this one down pat, winning over fans with his unconditional love for his mom.

"I'm probably going to bring my mother again," DiCaprio said when asked about his Oscar date. "The truth is that I don't think I would be standing here doing any of this stuff, nor have a career of any kind, if it weren't for her."

Three-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep knows a thing or two about getting the Academy's attention. She hasn't missed a premiere or an interview for August: Osage County.

Likewise, Jared Leto has also made himself available to the press, cracking jokes with Nancy O'Dell at the ET Oscar Luncheon pool party.

"Jared Leto's kind of nailed it up to this point," said Feinberg. "[He understands] people are watching these award shows to have fun, but they also know you're being recognized for something serious, so it's important to strike a balance."

Before the awards get handed out on March 2, go to bing.com/awards to vote on your favorite Oscar nominees and see how they stack up against the favorites of other Bing users.