Oscar Preps: Will Rain Spoil the Show?

ET's Brooke Anderson takes you inside preparations for Sunday's Oscars.

L.A.'s worst storm in two years is predicted to hit this weekend, but if you think that'll slow the Academy Awards down, you got another thing coming.

ET's Brooke Anderson was at the Dolby Theatre today, where tenting has been erected and plastic sheeting rolled out in anticipation of a possible downpour on Oscar Sunday.

"It's the biggest red carpet for film in the world," said Oscar associate producer Joe Lewis. "[There's] over 25,000 square feet [of red carpet] across the entire compound."

But once the stars walk the red carpet and enter the theater, all that matters is who goes home with the 24-karat gold plated statuette. In the race for Best Actor, Leonardo DiCaprio is in the lead, according to Bing users. The Wolf of Wall Street star is pulling in 60 percent of Bing searches for "best actor."

Before the awards get handed out on March 2, go to bing.com/awards to vote on your favorite Oscar nominees and see how they stack up against the favorites of other Bing users.

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