Winona: I Wore a $10 Dress To the Oscars

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How did Winona Ryder manage to spend only $10 on an Oscar gown?

Winona Ryder didn't break the bank to look stylish at her Academy Award appearances. Instead, she went vintage.

"Most of my wardrobe is vintage and I've worn dresses to the Oscars that I got for $10," the 42-year-old actress, who's been nominated twice for an Oscar (Little Woman, The Age Of Innocence) told Red magazine. "At Sean Penn's last Haiti gala I wore this vintage dress that I'd worn to a film premiere in 2005. I know that's kind of a no-no in the fashion world, but why wear something just once if you love it?"

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Not only is she thrifty with her formal fashions, but Ryder also rents a small cottage behind Dame Helen Mirren's home, rather than owning a mansion herself.

Adding of growing up in Hollywood, Ryder admits, "My early thirties were rough. I went through stuff that I would have gone through, and probably should have gone through much younger, but I had spent my twenties working. Even when I was the right age for older roles, people thought of me as being younger. It was tough because I'd had so much success in my early twenties."

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