Neil Patrick Harris: Ellen's Pizza Bit Ran Too Long


ET caught up with all the biggest stars Sunday night at the star-studded Vanity Fair Oscars After-Party in Los Angeles, where experienced awards show host Neil Patrick Harris gave his honest opinion on Ellen DeGeneres' much-praised hosting duties.

"I thought Ellen was great. I was watching the show, anticipating some big opening number, and then she just walked out and told some jokes, and brought everyone down in a casual way," he said. "It was lovely."

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Though he did admit that he thought one of her jokes ran a little too long.

"That bit went on for a while didn't it?" he says about her bringing pizza to the A-list audience. "The pizza bit went on for a while ... I won't lie to you about that. I was like, where you going with the pizza babe?"

John Travolta was also in the mood to party Sunday night, when he showed ET's Brooke Anderson that when it comes to dancing, the 60-year-old Saturday Night Fever star has still got it!

"Let me tell you what I do -- I don't drink very much, but I wait until Oscar night to have my drinks. So now I'm ready to stay out till 5 a.m. in the morning," he explained. "We're gonna do Vanity Fair, then we're gonna do Madonna's party, and we're gonna have fun tonight. I'm not gonna be happy until we see the sun rise."

After giving us a hilarious preview of his moves, Travolta also talked about his Grease co-star Olivia Newton-John's current residency in Las Vegas, and if he will be joining her on-stage!

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"How exciting is that?" he smiled. "But you know, I need rehearsal for that stuff, you know what I mean? She's like, so used to it, because she sings every night."

Check out the video for a glimpse at Vanity Fair's superstar attendees, as well as to hear the "naughty yogurt joke" supermodel Chrissy Teigen made to John Stamos!

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