Tom Cruise Named 'Legend Of Our Lifetime' At Jameson Empire Awards


Superstar Tom Cruise has led some of the biggest films in modern cinematic history. From Top Gun to Jerry Maguire to all four pulse-pounding installments in the Mission: Impossible franchise, Cruise has a place among the highest echelons of the A-List. And at the 19th annual Jameson Empire Awards, he was honored with the Legend of our Lifetime award, celebrating his body of work.

The Minority Report star took to the stage to accept the honor at the ceremony, which was held in England on Sunday, March 30, and spoke about the joy of filmmaking.

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"I've been really fortunate, because it was my dream to be able to make films, and I've had just an incredible time so far," said the 51-year-old actor. "I spent most of my life, the greater part of my life, in editing rooms, mixing bays, and sound stages and movie sets all over the world. It's been pretty incredible. It takes a village to make a movie, as we all know here, and I have a rich life because of the exceptional people that I've met and I've worked with."

Cruise concluded the acceptance speech, saying, "I want to thank the audiences for allowing me to entertain them, because I make the movies for you."

Cruise's speech was punctuated by a raucous round of applause from the awards show audience.

Check out the video for more touching highlights from Cruise's heartfelt speech at the 2014 Jameson Empire Awards.

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