Rocsi's Outtakes: Billboard Music Awards


's own Rocsi Diaz rocked the red carpet at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, getting great interviews with some of the show's hottest stars. But what about the hilarious moments you didn't see on TV?

In this fun Rocsi's Outtakes video, see all the funny, sweet and downright weird moments that originally got left on the cutting room floor.

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We have her singing (poorly) with John Legend, getting hit on by Austin Mahone, saving Carrie Underwood from an embarrassing moment and admitting to Jennifer Lopez that she stole her look. Not to mention Rocsi getting kicked, yes kicked, by Jason Derulo.

Rocsi's Outtakes
takes you behind the scenes of all of her funniest red carpet moments. Watch the video now and let us know your favorite!

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