2014 Emmys: Will This Be the Year Amy Poehler, Jon Hamm and More Finally Win?


The 2014 Emmy nominations are here! How exciting (yay, Orange is the New Black!) but also how sad (seriously, no Orphan Black?).

For some stars though, it's not about a thrilling first time nomination or a devastating snub. They've been there, done that so many times just minus the whole taking home the actual win thing.

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Never forget Steve Carell who was nominated six times for his role in The Office yet never won or Angela Lansbury who couldn't turn 18 Emmy noms into one win.

And once again, this year's field is full of several veterans just hoping for their chance to finally climb that stage and tearfully accept their trophies. Check out the video above to find out who (hi, Amy Poehler) and figure out if this year is finally, finally their year!

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