'Veronica Mars' Takes Top Prize At The MTVu Fandom Awards!

Warner Bros.

For the first year ever, MTVu presented the Fandom Awards, an award show dedicated not just to those actors and projects critics love, but to the shows and people that have massive legions of fanboys and fangirls following behind them!

The ceremony, held at Petco Park as part of the 2014 International Comic-Con in San Diego, awarded some of the most beloved projects, but perhaps none as beloved as the show that took home the soon-to-be-coveted Fandom Of The Year Award, Veronica Mars.

While Veronica Mars has been off the air for years, fans loved it so much they donated millions to a Kickstarter effort to get a bigscreen adaptation film. The movie, simply titled Veronica Mars, was released in March of this year.

Other shows to take home Fandom Awards where Game Of Thrones for OMG Moment Of The Year – for the Purple Wedding episode – Hannibal won for Breakout Fandom Of The Year, and the Harry Potter franchise won for Best Fandom Forever award.

Also, MTV's Teen Wolf won for Fandom Feat Of The Year – in celebration of Teen Wolf fans raising funds to build a wolf sanctuary – and The Fault In Our Stars author John Green won the Visionary Award.

Finally, The Vampire Diaries Damon/Elena – Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev respectively – won the Ship Of The Year Award. Don't know what that means? Neither did we. According to the Fandom Awards, the Ship Of The Year category celebrates, "the best unspoken (and sometimes scandalous!) relationships across the fandom universe."

Other nominees in the Ship Of The Year category were Katniss and Peeta from The Hunger Games, Dean and Castiel from Supernatural, Stiles and Derek from Teen Wolf, and Sherlock Holmes and John Watson in Sherlock.

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