Was Tyler Posey Going To Get A Teen Choice Tattoo On Stage?


The Teen Choice Awards host and 'Teen Wolf' star revealed some of the unused hosting jokes that didn't make it to the final stages.

At the 2014 Teen Choice Awards, co-hosts Sarah Hyland and Tyler Posey seemed to be having a lot of fun during all of their bits. After Tyler twerked on stage with his former Maid In Manhattan co-star Jennifer Lopez, and wore a grass skirt and coconut bra, you have to wonder what bizarre skits we're left on the table.

According to the Teen Wolf star, he really wanted to get a new tattoo live, on stage!

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"I pitched some ideas to the producers. One of them was starting with a song. One of them was getting tattooed on stage," Posey told ET. "My idea was to pretend I'm getting tattooed, and then turn around and have the face of the next presenter on my back."

The 22-year-old actor, who already has a number of tats, admitted that one of the main reasons he didn't get inked was because of how long the process would take.

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"It takes a while," Posey said, laughing. "So it wouldn't work."

Would you have liked the host to have gotten inked on stage?