Ariana Grande Talks Anxiety and Pre-VMA Stage Fright


At the tender age of only 21, Ariana Grande's career is set to warp speed, and she reveals to ET that even she suffers from anxiety before big days!

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She has a jam-packed and stress-inducing week coming up -- opening the MTV VMAs on Sunday and releasing her sophomore album My Everything on Monday, not to mention starring alongside Nicki Minaj in Jessie J's "Bang Bang" music video.

Three leading songstresses in the same music video could easily get intense, but she had nothing but great things to say about the ladies.

"I love [Nicki's] personality," said Ariana. "I love Jesse's personality. They're both so full out with feeling. I love them so much. Jesse is always singing, which is my favorite thing because so am I, and Nicki is hilarious. I love her. She's so sassy."

Ariana admitted she's nervous about the timing of My Everything dropping the day after the VMAs.

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"I'm super anxious before these kinds of things because it's so nerve wracking," said Ariana. "I'm still not the best on the red carpet. That is still something that I'm working on, but I'm not as anxious anymore."

Ariana revealed that she was bothered by rumors spread from the Grammys red carpet.

"They're so much nicer to me now, but [the Grammys] was so crazy. Somebody started a rumor that I was crying on the red carpet, but I wasn't."

The singer/actress explained that a camera caught her rubbing her eye for one moment, which made it appear as though she was crying.

"I definitely wasn't crying but that's okay," said Ariana.

Watch the video to hear Ariana dish on her big bro Frankie, who is currently still surviving Big Brother.