Sofia Vergara Goes Solo to the Emmys-Where's Joe?


Sofia Vergara stunned on the red carpet tonight, but she was missing one thing: her beau, Joe Manganiello. Fortunately, she told us what's going on.

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Earlier today, Joe announced that he wouldn't go to the Emmys on Twitter.

But, why? Well, it turns out he's just too hot. Sophia told us, "I didn't bring him. I told him you can’t come. You’re too hot, too sexy. He's too tall, he makes me look short." Fair enough, Sophia. Mystery solved.

So there's no SoJoe at the Emmy's, but can we still call them that? According to Sofia, "It's OK, it’s been such a fun thing to see what the people say and write on the internet and the social media, it's really crazy."

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So Joe's too hot for the Emmys, and Sofia loves reading about their relationship online, but let’s get to what we all want to know, what's up with the future for SoJoe? Sofia told us, "he's a very nice guy. I'm very happy. We'll see what happens." Yes, we will.

For Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello's romance timeline, watch below.