Gwen Stefani Mispronounces Stephen Colbert's Name at Emmys

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Gwen Stefani had one job.

Gwen Stefani had one job when she hit the 2014 Emmy Awards stage on Monday with Adam Levine. All she had to do was announce the winner's name for Best Variety Series ...correctly.

Though it's hard to believe that anyone would not know Stephen Colbert at this point -- he is, after all, taking over the Late Show next year -- Stefani managed to flub his last name when announcing The Colbert Report as the big winner.

She seemed to pronounce it like "Colboar." Of course, Twitter didn't let this slide, and it inevitably led to comparisons to when John Travolta butchered Idina Menzel's name at the 2014 Oscars, calling her Adele Dazeem.

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This wasn't the only name Stefani couldn't pronounce last night. While on the Emmy red carpet, the new Voice mentor also had trouble saying "Swarovski crystals" while describing her Versace dress.

While Stefani's flub got a few chuckles, host Seth Meyers started the night out with a few intentional laughs. Here are his three best jokes: