Security for 2016 Emmys Increased After NYC and New Jersey Explosions

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The Los Angeles Police Department is keeping alert.

The 2016 Emmy Awards take place on Sunday night, and in light of the explosions in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan and New Jersey over the weekend, the LAPD has taken steps to ensure the safety of the attendees.

"As you wake up this morning to the troubling events in New York and New Jersey, please rest assured we have been monitoring the situation throughout the night," police chief Charlie Beck told ET in a statement on Sunday. "As of this hour there are no known, specific, or credible threats here in Los Angeles."

"We have a number of high profile events in Los Angeles today with the return of the Rams to the Coliseum and the Emmys at Staples Center," he added. "People attending these events can most certainly feel safe, as our LAPD officers and other city partners have taken every step to ensure a secure environment."

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"Nevertheless, we ask everyone to stay vigilante and remember, 'If you see something, say something!'" said Beck.

The police chief also took to Twitter to reassure L.A. residents, writing, "#LAPD continues to work tirelessly to insure the safety of our communities and visitors in LA in light of the events in NYC and everyday."

The Chelsea bombing left 29 injured, while a suspicious device reportedly found just blocks away. The same day, a bomb went off near a New Jersey Marine Corps charity event, and a man stabbed nine people in a Minnesota mall.

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