EXCLUSIVE: Ellen DeGeneres Raves About Wife Portia de Rossi After Historic People's Choice Win

The people have chosen Ellen more than anyone else in history!

Ellen DeGeneres has got a whole lot of love!

After receiving her record-breaking 20th People's Choice Award during the annual event, the 58-year-old TV host spoke to ET's Carly Steele backstage to shout out Portia de Rossi.

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"It's such an accident because she normally doesn't look beautiful like that," the comedian lovingly joked of her wife of eight years' gorgeous red carpet attire.

Of course, Ellen was only kidding, but one thing that's no joke is the comedian's friendship with Justin Timberlake, who presented her with her awards.

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"Justin's my friend, I love him, so it meant a lot to win the award period, and then to get it from my pal, Justin, was even sweeter," she shared. "So you know it's just touching. I don't leave the house much, so when I leave the house, it's big. And this is big."

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As far as the historic achievement, Ellen said it just comes from doing what she loves.

"I love what I do. I love making people happy, and I love making people laugh, and have a good time," she explained. "And we have a great group of writers, and great producers, and we just work hard every single day to make it new and exciting."

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During the conversation, Ellen also revealed that while she's had about every guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show she'd want, there is one upcoming former president guest who will be on the show soon that Ellen's never had on before.

"George W. Bush is coming on soon, and he's never been on the show," Ellen revealed. "He's done taped pieces for us, but he's never been on the show, so that's going to be fun."

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Meanwhile, the People's Choice accolades are not even close to the only recognition Ellen has received in her career.

Watch the video below to see the daytime host shed a tear while being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.