2017 People's Choice Awards: The Best and Most Baffling Moments

From hilarious speeches to technical malfunctions, here are the People's Choice Awards moments you'll be talking about tomorrow.

The 2017 People's Choice Awards aired Wednesday, with Joel McHale hosting the show, whose winners are decided by the public, via voting, instead of stuffy critics in elitist meetings. That might be why some there are some questionable outcomes. (We're not singling anyone out. We don't really need to.)

The night was still filled with some genuinely heartfelt speeches and truly funny sketches, along with your expected awards show mishaps like broken teleprompters and confusing acceptance speeches. So, in celebration of all the most wonderful and downright strangest things this year's PCAs had to offer, let's take a look at the night's best and most baffling moments.

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Joel McHale Delivers Honest Monologue

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While the Great Indoors star didn't break any new ground with his safe yet funny monologue, he did make one amazingly funny joke about what he felt was the most important thing about the night.

"This is going to be an amazing night and I would like to beat traffic," McHale quipped. "Let's do this!" Can't fault a person for wanting to keep an awards show quick and to the point.

Kevin Hart Calls Out Dwayne Johnson in Acceptance Speech, The Rock Fires Back

After Kevin Hart won the award for Favorite Comedic Movie Actor, he shared his thanks with all the other stars who helped him along the way, except for one!

"This one goes to all the co-stars that I've had except for The Rock, because he hasn't helped me," he said, slamming his Central Intelligence and Jumanji co-star. "You've actually lessened my talent. It's gone down since you've been in my life."

Johnson got some payback when he took home the award for Favorite Premium Series Actor. "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice," Johnson said, "Unless you're talking to Kevin Hart. Then you say, 'Go f**k yourself."

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Fifth Harmony Prove They Can Still Sing Their Hits

Fifth Harmony performed at their first awards show since Camila Cabello left the group, and the girls proved they could still deliver their biggest hits, singing their single "Work From Home" by flawlessly divvying up Cabello's verses among the other members. It was nice to see them come back from what could have been a group-ending obstacle.

Ellen DeGeneres Breaks Records

The beloved TV host won for Favorite Daytime TV Host, Favorite Animated Movie Voice (for playing Dori in Finding Dori) and Favorite Comedic Collaboration, bringing her number of trophies up to 20! Her bestie, Justin Timberlake, presented Ellen with the big prize, and to commemorate the event, all 20 of DeGeneres' awards were brought out onstage by men in tuxedos who stood in a semicircle behind Timberlake as bombastic music scored the presentation. It was pretty epic.

Kristen Bell's Teleprompter Fail

While presenting Tyler Perry with a special Favorite Humanitarian award, Kristen Bell was suddenly faced with a teleprompter that failed on her while delivering her lines. However, the Frozen star was able to get things back on track, and even addressed the tech issue afterward with a heartfelt and honest comment that further complimented Tyler Perry. It was a much classier way to deal with the teleprompter fail than we've seen from other awards shows recently.

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Kristen Bell's Teleprompter Fail

Since The Good Place star was able to gracefully recover from the teleprompter mishap, it normally wouldn't have been a big deal -- if McHale hadn't done a whole sketch poking fun at the Golden Globes for their series of technical blunders and teleprompter fails. If you're going to mock another show for messing up, you're show better go off without a hitch, or it makes things look twice as embarrassing.

Joel McHale's Babies

McHale kicked the night off with an attempt to be likable by coming out on stage with two giant strollers filled with infants. While it was a funny visual -- and McHale had a funny quip about one of the crying babies having recently watched Manchester by the Sea -- it felt sort of weird to see babies paraded around when they looked super unhappy to be a part of the whole thing.

Sarah Jessica Parker Thanks… Somebody? Possibly?

The Divorce star won the award for Favorite Premium Series Actress, and she used her acceptance speech to thank a person. Or maybe multiple people? Maybe everybody? We're pretty sure she was thanking her fans in the long, rambling speech, which is nice. At the very least, she seemed genuine, sincere and pleasant about whatever it was she was getting at.

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Johnny Depp's Painfully Awkward Speech

The Alice Through the Looking Glass star won the People's Choice Award for Favorite Movie Icon, and used his time on stage to thank his fans for hanging with him through recent rough times. If it wasn't for the 1000 mile gaze, the weird earrings, the flesh-tone mustache, the general sweatiness and the rambling, it might have been a good speech. Also, he made sure we all knew that the glass trophy is a somewhat blue color, in case we hadn't noticed, so there's that.