EXCLUSIVE: Thomas Rhett Gushes Over Wife's 'Awesome Baby Bump,' Says He's Already Put a Crib in Tour Bus

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Thomas Rhett's tour bus is baby ready!

The country singer opened up to ET's Sophie Schillaci about the adjustments he and pregnant wife Lauren Akins are making after announcing recently that they are both expecting and adopting a child.

'We've already added a crib to our tour bus," the 26-year-old crooner shared at the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday. "We're trying to make all the right alterations to make sure that our kids can come out [on tour]."

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But it doesn't sound like Rhett expects life to slow down at all once they've welcomed their little ones!

"I wish I got a break, but I doubt it's gonna happen. We're just gonna try to integrate them into our lives as much as possible and try to just create as much of a normal lifestyle as possible," he continued. "I'm getting all the sleep I can right now, because I know that I'm about to not sleep ever."

The happy couple is also happy that the baby news is out -- so they can start showing off that bump!

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"It was really hard [to keep it a secret at the GRAMMYs]," Rhett said. "You know, she's almost 18 weeks now, so we've kind of had to keep it a secret for a long time, but now it's so nice that she can rock that awesome baby bump."

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And though having a little girl is something he's wanted, Rhett also admitted it makes him a little nervous.

"Before we even started wanting to have kids, I wanted girls. I'm just gonna love them so much," he confessed. "I'm nervous about it as well, I don't want to deal with boyfriends down the road, you know?"

Right now, the couple is just finishing up the adoption process, and gearing up for this big new chapter in their lives.

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"The adoption is final, but we're trying to keep as much of that under wraps as possible until she's back home," Rhett said. "Just for safety purposes and all that. But we're so excited to have two kids running around our house in the next five or six months."

The country crooner also admitted that he's already started writing songs about the new additions!

"There's a couple on the new project coming out this year that I wrote, not necessarily about [them], but just about how life is gonna change drastically when our two kids get home," he added.

During the show, Rhett accepted the award for Country Arist of the Year, affectionately speaking about his growing family during his speech.

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"My wife is 18 weeks pregnant right now, so this is my unborn daughter's first awards show," he gushed. "That's pretty cool."

Pretty cool, indeed!

Watch the video below for more on the parents-to-be.

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