Chris Harrison Disappointed by Emmy Snub


Chris Harrison is yearning to get the final rose in the form of an Emmy. The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise was noticeably left off the nominee ballot Thursday morning.

"Ten years of Emmy snubs. I really wish the show would have gotten nominated," he told ETonline. "The Emmys itself is really political. We've never made a push. It's unfortunate. While it doesn't help your show or career like the Oscars or Golden Globes, it's definitively an ego thing."

This year, the category seems to be focusing on newer shows. "We've been on the air longer than any show that's been nominated," he informed. "I'm voting for Betty White!"

There is a vacant seat on Daytime Emmy-winning show Live with Kelly and guest co-host Chris would be honored to permanently accept a rose from Kelly. "That is one of the greatest hosting jobs that has come open in my lifetime. The three jobs that have come open in my lifetime are Johnny Carson, Bob Barker, and Regis Philbin," he said. "It's fun to step into that vehicle and drive it. Like driving a Ferrari for a bit."

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Meanwhile, he has a steady gig over at the Bachelor Pad mansion. On the new season, premiering on ABC Monday, July 23, Kalon McMahon tries to redeem himself. Chris simply put it, "Who you love to hate and who you love might change by the time people leave Bachelor Pad."

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Just a few Bachelorette episodes ago, Chris Bukowski was prepared to marry Emily Maynard and assume the role of stepfather to her daughter Ricki. On Bachelor Pad promos, he is seen playing a game of musical beds with three different girls. Perhaps he was "on the rebound," the host suggested, but all the while doesn't question the sincerity of his original feelings towards Emily. "Usually guys are good about covering up their emotions," he assessed. "Both Sean [Lowe] and Chris were really open about how much they loved her. For a guy to say that, it says a lot."

Bachelor Pad promises to expand love triangles to "love octagons," Chris teased. "I would leave for lunch and [couples] broke up. All I did was go get a sandwich! Some of it was strategic. Some of it was plain stupidity. Amazing how this concept works when you plug these people in and leave them to their own devices."

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The finale of The Bachelorette airs Sunday night on ABC, immediately followed by a live broadcast of After the Final Rose.