Emmy Flashback: Tom Hanks '98


Tom Hanks will always be known for his extensive contributions to film, but he has almost contributed some gems to television and was nominated at the 1998 Emmys for a miniseries called From the Earth to the Moon as one of its producers.

The miniseries, which focused on the Apollo missions in the '60s and '70s, was Hanks' first gig as television producer, and he certainly kicked off his producing career in proper fashion.

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Not only was Hanks in good hands by having Ron Howard and Brian Grazer behind the project as well, but he also invested plenty of capital into the film with a reported $68-million budget, which made it one of the most expensive television endeavors in history.

"It's actually much better than just being an actor," Hanks says alongside wife Rita Wilson of the nomination. "We had a huge phalanx of people. We got 17 nominations...for the whole process. Now, that just makes us feel good...This is a nod to everybody, not just me."

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Fate would have it that Hanks' big-budget project was well worth it, as it won the Emmy for Outstanding Miniseries and would also go on to win a Golden Globe as well.