Emmy Flashback '03: Gandolfini Reveals His Crush

Emmy Flashback '03: Gandolfini Reveals His Crush

The Sopranos
lead man James Gandolfini, much like his character Tony Soprano, has never been much of a talker to the press. Thus, when it came time for him to speak with ET's former co-host Mary Hart backstage after winning an award, he kept it straight and to the point.

When Gandolfini steps backstage to the bright lights of ET's cameras after winning the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series award at the 2003 Emmys, his initial reaction is to question how he got himself into being interviewed in the first place.

As Hart begins conducting the interview, Gandolfini displays his disinterest by shaking his head; however, he gets a quick word in before dismissing himself from the abbreviated interview.

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"Can I just say? I had a crush on her since I was like this big," he says in the featured video flashback as he lowers his hand to half his height. "And that's all I'm going to say."

After catching Mary Hart off-guard, Gandolfini walks away with a smile and lets his Sopranos co-star Edie Falco do the talking later on. The two, who played spouses on the show, had both won their third individual Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor/Actress that night.

Despite the coveted awards for the cast, the show had yet to win Outstanding Drama Series after its fourth nomination. However, that changed the following year, as the show won the hallowed award for its fifth season.