Tom Hanks Predicts an Emmy for Olivia Munn

Tom Hanks Predicts an Emmy for Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn may not have been nominated for an Emmy after her first season on the new HBO drama The Newsroom, but she was able to hold an Emmy and receive some endearing predictions from one of the world's most legendary actors--all unintentionally initiated by ET's cameraman.

When a man like Tom Hanks walks into a room, or down a press line for that matter, people take notice and ET's cameraman began to drift towards Hanks while ET was interviewing Olivia Munn and she took notice.

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In Hanks' usual gentlemanly behavior, he made sure to flatter Munn when she called ET's cameraman out and then let her hold his Emmy for Outstanding (TV) Movie for the political drama Game Change.

"I see your future. I'm a vision of the future right here," Hanks said as Munn held the Emmy with a twinkling smile.

Before her exchange with Hanks, Munn shared her positive thoughts on Jimmy Kimmel's hosting job of the awards show and the display of female comedy between Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Amy Poehler during the show. She also revealed who she was rooting for this year.

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"I think Christina Hendricks really deserves it for 'Mad Men,'" Munn said of the Mad Men actress who has been nominated three straight years without an award. "As an actor, you get so hopeful that you get to do great work, and if you get that opportunity, that you do it justice and she has knocked it out the park."

As for the award that Munn got to hold on Sunday night, Hanks revealed that he didn't do much to deserve the award other than give guidance to others on the project as an executive producer.

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"What have I done in the process? I've just said, 'Hey, that's great!'" Hanks said. "That's it; and I get to go on and get me one of these. God Bless America!"

Check out the full video above for more from HBO's Emmys after-party. Click here for a full listing of this year's Emmy winners.