Is Aaron Paul Secretly the Energizer Bunny?


Aaron Paul went all out when it came time for the last Breaking Bad hoorah.

Really though, who needs rest? Well, probably Aaron Paul today.

The actor did Emmy Monday big yesterday by keeping it jam packed with all things Breaking Bad from sun up to sundown (actually, long after the sun went down).

He began by taking fans on an epic scavenger hunt that began at 9:42am.

The first winners were found, he had a champagne breakfast with his wife Lauren.

Then called out some girls for cheating.

After that he sent fans to find a pair of stuffed Jesse and Walt dolls, meet Badger to get a pilot script signed by the whole cast, to meet Krazy 8 at a Ralph’s, and to find his signed Jesse Pinkman license plate from a car wash.

By 12:30 he was walking around the West Hollywood Park in his yellow cooking suit. Just 30 minutes later, the scavenger hunt had concluded.

Or so we thought. Just four short hours later, Aaron was pulling up to the Emmy’s with his wife where he hit the red carpet and talked with Entertainment Tonight’s Rob Marciano. 

“This has been the longest goodbye, I think, in television history. We've been off the air for about a year,” he said, talking about the Emmy’s as the show’s last hoorah. “This is just such a lovely excuse to get together and kind of celebrate what we did.” 

And after a total of five Emmy’s, including Aaron taking home his third Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series … celebrate they did! 

Shortly after the big win, they went on to party the night away. His wife posted a few Instagram’s that showed Aaron and the rest of the Breaking Bad cast going out with a bang! 

Check out the video above to see if Aaron will ever say Jesse’s tagline again!