LOL! Matt Damon Crashes the Emmys to Roast 'Big Loser' Jimmy Kimmel: 'This Is So Humiliating'

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The “feud” continues!

Jimmy Kimmel
lost the Emmy for Outstanding Variety Talk Series to John Oliver, and moments later, Kimmel’s “nemesis,” Matt Damon, crashed the stage to give the late-night host a proper roast for being a “big” Emmy loser.

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“I was wondering when they were going to play them off,” a bummed-out Kimmel said after Oliver and his team collected their Emmy. “Aren’t talk shows supposed to be like an American thing? I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about some of the other guys.”

That was when Damon, with whom Kimmel has had a faux feud on Jimmy Kimmel Live! for more than a decade, appeared on the Emmy stage, nonchalantly eating an apple.

Kimmel’s immediate reaction when he saw Damon? “Terrific. Can I help you? What do you want?”

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“Just calm down, man. I missed the last category. Did you win?” Damon asked during the sketch, rubbing salt in Kimmel’s wound and eliciting laughs from the star-studded audience.

“No, we didn’t win, alright?” Kimmel said, resigned, before trying to move on to the next category.

“That’s a bummer, that’s a bummer. It makes a lot of sense,” Damon said, not really sympathizing with Kimmel’s loss (duh!). “You must be really bummed out. … So you’re not going to get a trophy.”

When Damon discovered that it was Oliver who triumphed over Kimmel, he was beyond ecstatic: “Yes! Yes!” he exclaimed, pumping his fists in exaltation. “They know. I knew. I had him in my [Emmy] pool.”

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“What am I doing? This is so humiliating,” Damon said, smirking at Kimmel’s expense. “I’m sorry. I mean, you lost and now you gotta stand out here for the rest of the night in front of everybody. That’s really -- no I mean, when you probably just want to go home and curl up and cry. Can we cheer Jimmy up? He’s a big loser!”

Kimmel, naturally, took offense to Damon’s backhanded compliment, declaring he didn’t need “pity applause.”

“You’re a pretty big loser, and I for one am sorry about that. I think everybody else here feels really sorry for ya,” Damon said, before bringing Kimmel in for a big bear hug.

But the Oscar winner saved the best “diss” for last, telling Kimmel as he left the stage: “Tell your mom I like them apples.” LOL!

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“Good one, Jason Boring. Let’s take a commercial, I need to throw up,” Kimmel quipped right back.

Never change, boys. Never change!

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