Stars In For A Treat at Golden Globes Dinner


The 69th Annual Golden Globes will feature a plethora of celebrities coming out to celebrate each other's successes in film and television, but this could be the year that the focus can shift from the award to the food.

With executive chefs Suki Sugiura and Thomas Henzi handling the appetizers, entrees and desserts, guests can expect to enjoy a meal that has an elegant ensemble of ingredients from all over the world. From a pistachio crusted pistou ravioli with wild arugula appetizer, to the miso and sake lees marinated pacific sea with braised prime short rib of beef entree and chocolate delice almond crunch terrine dessert, it's easy to see why the dinner portion of the ceremony might just be the most celebrated.

Click the video to see what the chefs have in store for the award show! The 69th Annual Golden Globes is set to air live Sunday, January 15, only on NBC.