Globes Flashback '90: Michelle Pfeiffer's First


Nine years after playing "Suzie Q" in her very first film, Michelle Pfeiffer generated a breakout performance as "Susie Diamond" in The Fabulous Baker Boys, which resulted in her first Golden Globe.

Honored to receive her first award after being nominated the year before, Pfeiffer says that merely being nomination is a thrill for her.

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"I think that it's real nice to have your work acknowledged no matter what field you're in. I think that it makes everybody feel real good," the then-31-year-old actress says of receiving the 1990 Best Actress award. "I think being nominated is nice too. I think being nominated and winning are equal, really."

While it was an honor for her just to be nominated for her Golden Globe, she couldn't say the same for the Oscar nomination that she had also received that year. Admitting that she knew she wouldn't win the Best Actress award, she responds, "No, not necessarily," when asked if she enjoyed herself at the ceremony.

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With her award beside her on the Golden Globes press room podium, she flashes a coy smile as she claims she didn't see this award coming either.

Being nominated and winning may not be as equal as she thought.