Globes Flashback '97: JGL Predicts His First


Joseph Gordon-Levitt is among a select group of former child actors who were able to successfully make the transition into adult acting. While he's grown tremendously as an actor, it was in his early acting days that he received his only major award.

His success in making the ultimate actor's leap of distinguishing himself as an adult actor was bridged by 3rd Rock from the Sun, which he entered as a 15-year-old teenager and left as a 20-year-old man.

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The sitcom hit it off with the critics in its first year and was anointed with two Golden Globes after its premiere season: Best Actor for John Lithgow and the granddaddy of them all, Best Comedy/ Musical Series.

As the cast sat with ET's former co-host Mark Steines and reflected on the fruition of their hard word and brushed off the critics who didn't think the show would survive, the young Gordon-Levitt reveals that he predicted the award.

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"I thought it was going to be [us]," he says in the flashback. "When Patrick Stewart was about to say it, I said '3rd Rock' and he said '3rd Rock'...the instance I said it. I totally thought it was going to be us."

Gordon-Levitt has since been nominated for Best Actor twice (50/50, (500) Days of Summer), but didn't have the same luck that his 3rd Rock co-star once did.