Globes Flashback '01: McConaughey Brings J.Lo


Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Lopez arrived together at the 2001 Golden Globe awards, yet they never dated and neither of them was nominated for an award that year.

Outside of Lopez's Golden Globes nomination a few years prior for her first film, Selena, the two had not received any nominations at major awards shows, so their visit to that year's Globes was mainly promotional. They had a movie, which would prove to be loathed by critics but nevertheless successful at the box office, coming out the following week: The Wedding Planner.

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"We decide," McConaughey answers when ET's former co-host Mary Hart asks the co-stars who made the decision to have them walk the red carpet together. "We had a good time making the film and have become friends since. It's nice, you know? Plus, it's the right timing."

The now-gaunt McConaughey, who has dropped significant weight to portray the real-life story of HIV patient Ron Woodroff in the upcoming The Dallas Buyer's Club, was then on the other end of the spectrum as he prepared for the 2002 fantasy film Reign of Fire by bulking up and shaving his head.

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Although Lopez and McConaughey accompanied one another to the awards show, Lopez was dating rapper Sean "Puffy" Combs at the time. While he was unable to attend the event with her, he covered the streets on the way to the venue with encouraging signs, even though she wasn't nominated for an award.

Ms. Hart and fellow co-host Bob Goen ensure the two that they won't ignite rumors of a relationship between the two, but one can only imagine that rumors followed them as they lit up the red carpet together that evening.