Globes Flashback '01: Jackman's There for 1st Nod


That first award nomination is always a thrill for an actor. The same was true for Hugh Jackman when he received his first Golden Globe nomination in 2001 for his performance in Kate & Leopold; however, it was an especially thrilling first nomination for the Australian actor, as he was a reader of the nominations that year.

Lucy Liu, also one of the year's nominations readers, can't contain her smile as she reaches Jackman's name on the Best Actor list on the early morning in December 2001. He bats his eyes and raises his eyebrows in disbelief and flashes a wide smile as those in attendance applaud him.

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"It means the world to me. It's a great honor," Jackman says to ET's Mark Steines after the announcement of his nomination. "I was thrilled to be announcing the things. I was genuinely shocked when my name was read. I was like, 'What? Who?'"

The then-33-year-old reveals that he made a $100 bet with his wife that he wouldn't get the nomination, which proved to be a win-win for Jackman, who was carefree about owing his wife money amid the exciting news of his first nomination from a major American awards show.

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Jackman humbly thanks his Kate & Leopold co-star Meg Ryan for her excellent acting in the film, which he says helped him looked as good as he did, citing a common acting axiom. After his wife called him to tell him to pay up on their bet, Jackman says his father is next on the calling list.

"It's a good time now. I'll probably call my dad back at home," Jackman says, looking his watch and calculating what time it would be in his native Australia (aprox. 1 p.m.). "He'll be thrilled. I don't know if it'll mean as much to him, but he'll go, 'Well done! Well done, son!'"

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Jackman wouldn't win the award that year at the 2002 Globes, as it eventually went to Gene Hackman for The Royal Tenenbaums; nevertheless, he sure had a blast witnessing the announcement of his nomination in person.

Eleven years after he received his first Golden Globes nomination, Jackman has once again been nominated for the same award for Les Miserables. With the hype surrounding the yet-to-be-released film growing gargantuan, Jackman may be well on his way to winning a golden trophy to accommodate that nomination.