Globes Flashback '11: J-Law's Not Nervous


Considering the enormous jump in her acting career with the colossal success of The Hunger Games, it seems like ages ago when Jennifer Lawrence walked her first major awards show red carpet in 2011 for Winter's Bone.

Lawrence had already received numerous awards for her role as the strong female protagonist in the independent film but hadn't yet attended a major awards show until the 2011 Golden Globes.

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"It's really exciting," the then-20-year-old actress tells ET's former co-host Mary Hart. "I'm not really that nervous anymore just 'cause I realized I can't really do anything wrong unless I fall or something...I used to get nervous and then I realized how easy it was. All you have to do is just basically walk and answer questions."

While she didn't win the Golden Globes for Best Actress and wouldn't receive the award a month later at the Oscars, the exposure certainly put her on the map and was arguably a principal factor in her landing "Katniss" in The Hunger Games.

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As we near the awards show nominations, the buzz grows not only that Lawrence will be nominated but that she might just win her first major award this winter.