Globes Flashback '05: Glenn Close Owns It


Glenn Close received her first Golden Globe nomination in 1985 for one of her early works, a TV movie called Something About Amelia. One can imagine how excited she was to have her name read as a nominee for the Golden Globes for the first time, or maybe the next few times, but when it became more than a handful of times that she had merely heard her name listed without an award to show for it, it became a bitterly redundant experience for her. Until 2005, that is.

Two decades after being nominated for a now-forgotten TV movie, after receiving empty nominations for Fatal Attraction and 101 Dalmatians, Close finally received her first Golden Globe at the 2005 ceremony for a TV-movie remake of The Lion in Winter, in which she portrayed Queen Eleanor.

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"It's great," Close says after winning the Best Actress Award. "I'm so happy because it was such an amazing experience. It was just total joy from beginning to end."

As ET's former co-host Mary Hart catches up with Close just after she had won the award, the two talk about the novelty of her recently breaking into a drama series (The Shield), which produces some retrospective irony, given that not only would Close return to the Globes with a nomination for The Shield the following year but she would also go on to receive her second Golden Globes three years later for a future drama series, Damages.

While it took her two decades to grasp that first Golden Globes in her hands, the wait made that long-awaited moment all the more gleeful, which is evident by the rosy tint on Close's smiling face.

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Before she departs, the actress selects a question from ET's jar for Mrs. Hart to ask her.

What is the one thing she wishes she had known then that she knows now?

"Own it," she replies after a pensive spell. "Be who you are. That's the most important thing you can do. I think we get intimidated by trying to be who we think other people want and it can lead us down a precarious road."

She owned it in every sense that night.