Globes Flashback '98: New Mom Moore Gets a Nom


Nineteen ninety-seven was a year filled with many things for Julianne Moore to smile about. Her film Boogie Nights was praised by critics and resulted in her first Golden Globe nomination, and a month after receiving the nom, she had her first child. A month after that, she walked the Globes red carpet with a glistening smile.

While Moore is delighted to be at the 1998 Golden Globes, she reveals that this will be the longest period of time that she has been away from her six-week-old son, which she admits is tough given a mother's instincts.

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Her nomination for Boogie Nights was her first ever Globes nomination but she had technically been a partial recipient of the Special Ensemble Award at the 1994 Golden Globes for Short Cuts. The then 37-year-old Moore says she never imagined Boogie Nights would earn her a nomination.

"I mean, I loved the script and I loved the part and I was so gratified to be able to do it, but I never thought it would be like this," she says to ET's former correspondent Jann Carl of the film's critical reception.

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Moore didn't win her first individual Golden Globe that night, but one can imagine that a smile returned to her face upon returning home to her young child. If anything, it was fun for her to get dolled up and wear a gown for the first time since her high school prom.

She went on to be nominated for more Golden Globes for An Ideal Husband and The End of the Affair two years later but did not receive an award that time around either, which spawned a trend for her.

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Fifteen years and six nominations after her first Golden Globe nomination, Moore now has yet another chance to win her first Globe at the upcoming ceremony for the TV film Game Change, in which she portrayed politician Sarah Palin.

That glistening smile just may be returning to her face this year.