Globes Flashback '97: Harrelson's All-Hemp Tux


Woody Harrelson has never been considered a style icon, but when he had his tuxedo for the 1997 Golden Globes manufactured out of hemp by Armani, he was something of a fashion pioneer.

After years on Cheers, Harrelson established himself as a film actor with White Men Can't Jump in 1992. Four years later, he received his first Golden Globe nomination for The People vs. Larry Flynt, for which he also received an Oscar nomination.

Harrelson makes a stamp on his first Globes red carpet by showing up in all-white tuxedo made entirely from hemp, which he speculates may be the first of that variety. With his collar lifted and a scarf around his neck in lieu of a tie, he is complimented by ET's former correspondent Lisa Canning for his unique look.

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"I've never been accused of being fashionable before, so this is a big night for me," the then-35-year-old actor says.

Draped in his all-hemp attire, one might think that he has forgotten why he is on the red carpet considering his loose demeanor; however Harrelson explains his nonchalant attitude as a premature surrender of defeat to the other men in his category (Geoffrey Rush, Mel Gibson, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes).

"Since I'm anticipating [on] losing, there's nothing to be nervous about," he says with a grin. "It'll be alright."

His premonition proved correct that year, as he wasn't given the opportunity to show off his hemp tux while making his acceptance speech at the podium.

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He was nominated over a decade later for another Golden Globe for The Messenger, but he didn't receive the award that year either. However, he did wear a hemp suit to the Oscars for his nomination for The Messenger.

Harrelson is nominated for another Golden Globe this year for the TV film Game Change. While it's unclear if he'll win the award, we're a little more certain as to what "fabric" his tux will be comprised of.

You could say we got wind of it.