The Best, Worst and Most LOL Moments at the 2015 Golden Globes


The ceremony was full of big stars, big surprises, and big laughs. Here are some of the highlights and lowlights...

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler once again took over the stage at the 72nd annual Golden Globe Awards, where they delivered an amazing monologue – and one that set the tone for the star-studded show, which went off without a hitch.

With its share of surprise wins, emotional acceptance speeches, funny sketches and fast pace, the 2015 Golden Globes has set a high bar for all ceremonies in the coming awards season. Here are the best, the worst, and the funniest moments of the night.


1. The Monologue:
You know what you get when you hire two of the funniest comics in Hollywood to host your award show? The best opening monologue of any awards show of the year, or possibly ever. Rarely does every single joke land with warmth, but Tina and Amy were able to balance the mean jokes with light jabs. They even made the super-awkward Cosby jokes work through sheer persistence.

2. Gina Rodriguez’s Win:
The 30-year-old actress won for her performance in Jane the Virgin, and absolutely no one saw it coming – especially Gina Rodriguez, herself. Her emotional, tear-soaked acceptance speech stirred the audience. It’s a good day for the CW’s Jane the Virgin, which was also renewed for a new season this morning.

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3. When Prince Presented and Everyone Lost Their Minds: We don't blame them one bit.


4. Mandatory Speech By HFPA Director:
Hollywood Foreign Press Association president Theo Kingma focused on how Hollywood stands behind free speech, everywhere from North Korea to France, and the standing ovation it earned was moving. Usually these speeches are awkward, boring, self-serving time killers, but this year it actually got emotional.

5. Kevin Spacey Finally Wins, Drops the F-Bomb: After being nominated eight times, Spacey finally took home a Golden Globe for his performance in House of Cards. It was a touching, powerful speech that started with the Oscar-winner telling the audience in a menacing Frank Underwood-esque tone, "This is just the beginning of my revenge.” Spacey also managed to drop a well-earned F-bomb.


6. Michael Keaton Makes Everyone Cry: Birdman is about a somewhat forgotten actor who takes on an ambitious project to prove to himself and everyone that he is capable of creating an amazing work of art that will resonate through the ages. When Keaton got the recognition sought by his Birdman character counterpart, we couldn't help but cry all over the place.

7. The Surprises: The Grand Budapest Hotel beat out Birdman for Best Comedy or Musical Movie, and a lot of people couldn't believe it since Michael Keaton had just walked away with the award for Best Actor. Joanne Froggatt won for Downton Abbey, which surprised a lot of people who had never heard of Joanne Froggatt before. Surprises like these, even ones people don’t necessarily love, are what make awards shows suspenseful (or at least mildly interesting).


1. Best Animated Film:
No one is saying How to Train Your Dragon 2 isn't a good movie. It's a hilarious movie with a lot of heart and wonderful voice performances. But come on! The Lego Movie? Come on. Seriously? The Lego Movie! Come on. Or Big Hero Six? The Lego Movie and Big Hero Six lose to a sequel? Come on. Seriously.

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2. Kristen Wiig’s Hollywood Tan:
We loved the jokes, but not the tan. Comedy works better when delivered by pale, awkward people – that’s just science.

3. Chrissy Teigen's Crying Face: While this could have just as easily been one of the funniest moments of the night, we just kind of feel bad for her. Her strange, sad facial struggle is quickly becoming an awards show meme, and those last forever. She was trying to remember how to react when her husband, John Legend, won a Golden Globe for the song “Glory” from Selma, but couldn't pick an emotion.


4. Playing Off Eddie Redmayne During His Acceptance Speech: We get that your show is going long, but Eddie Redmayne gets to talk for as long as Eddie Redmayne wants to talk, damn it! Just look at the kid! He's adorable.


1. Benedict Cumberbatch Wins The Chance To Present:
After Tina and Amy finished their brilliant monologue, they gave someone from the audience as chance to present the first award alongside Jennifer Aniston. A "surprised" Benedict Cumberbatch was quickest on the draw and was allowed to take the stage alongside an annoyed Aniston who though she
would be presenting alone. It was clearly staged, but awkward enough to pull off the joke brilliantly. Plus it’s just fun to see Benedict Cumberbatch look nervous.

2. Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig:
These two comic geniuses and SNL veterans gave one of the best presentations of the night. While presenting the award for Best Screenplay, they went back and forth reciting "memorable" lines from famous movies – lines that really never existed. Plus, Kristen did a great Robert De Niro impression, sort of.


3. Billy Bob Thornton's Acceptance Speech:
When Billy Bob Thornton won the Globe for Best Actor in a TV Mini Series for his role in Fargo, he addressed the fact that the more a person speaks, the higher the chance they will offend someone. So he kept it simple with a non-specific "Thank you."

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4. Jeremy Renner's Jennifer Lopez Boob Joke – The two presented Best Actor in a TV Mini-Series, and as Renner handed Lopez the envelope she smiled and said, "I’ve got the nails." Looking at Lopez's super low-cut sparkling gown, Renner quipped, "You've got the globes, too." Sure it was juvenile, but someone’s got to be the voice of the audience, right?


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