17 Questions We Have After Watching the Golden Globes

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Tina Fey
and Amy Poehler may have answered a lot of our questions last night (Andy Serkis played Reese Witherspoon’s backpack in Wild, J.K. Simmons is short for Just Keep Simmons), but the 2015 Golden Globes left us with plenty more. Like...

1. Will Jessica Chastain ever recover from that Bill Cosby joke?

Or is that how she reacts to every joke? Because it’s pretty similar to how she reacted two years ago when Tina and Amy told that joke about James Cameron. Someone tell her a not at all controversial joke and see what happens.

2. Why wasJoaquin Phoenix there?

Besides providing the punch line to one of the night’s best jokes. Yeah, he was nominated for Inherent Vice, but he also thinks award shows are bullsh*t, so...

3. What happens if Benedict Cumberbatch doesn’t photobomb someone at an awards show? Does the world end? Does he actually turn into that dragon from Lord of the Rings?

Guess it doesn’t matter. It will never not happen.

4. Has anyone ever been more excited to see Prince than Allison Janney?

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5. Does Chrissy Teigan experience human emotions?

6. What’s going on with Jennifer Aniston’s face here?

7. And was Frances McDormand having an awful time?

Or is that just kind of how her face is?

8. Can Bill Hader and Kristen Wiighost next year, please?

We want so many more weird bits with bad De Niro impressions.

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9. Which relationship are you more jealous of: Chris Pratt and Anna Farris?

10. Or perfect Matt Bomer and his perfect husband and their perfect family?

11. Hey Ricky Gervais, who is Kweven Johnny?

12. Isn’t it cool that Jennifer Lopez has boobs?

Or is Jeremy Renner the only one truly amazed by that?

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13. Where did Amal Clooney really want to be last night?

Answer: Anywhere else. Just not at her husband’s silly office party.

14. And what’s going on here?

15. From now on, can we just nominate Jennifer Lawrence for something every year so she that she has to go to awards shows? And if not her, can we make sure Jennifer Lawrence-in-30-years, Emma Thompson, is there?

16. Will Julia Louis-Dreyfus ever get her revenge on Amy and Tina?

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17. Will any host ever be able to top Tina and Amy?

Or should we just cancel the Globes? Probably, right?

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