Matt Damon Is Left Speechless After Ricky Gervais' Awkward Joke About Ben Affleck Being 'Unfaithful'

Don't mess with Damon and Affleck!

Well, this is awkward.

Matt Damon was presenting his film, The Martian, at the Golden Globe Awards for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy at Sunday’s awards ceremony. But before he came out on stage, host Ricky Gervais made a non-PC joke about Damon’s longtime best friend, Ben Affleck.

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“Our next presenter is the star of the hilarious comedy, The Martian,” Gervais said as he introduced Damon, cracking himself up – since calling The Martian a comedy is a bit of a stretch. “I nearly died.”

“He’s also the only person who Ben Affleck hasn’t been unfaithful to,” he continued. “Please welcome, Matt Damon!”

How did Damon react after Gervais’ joke? He was left speechless.

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When the 45-year-old star made it to the mic, his face went beet red, he chuckled and then shook his head, sighing in reaction to Gervais’ dig, obviously said in (semi-)good fun.

Damon didn’t directly respond to the joke about his pal when he was onstage, but it’s safe to say that his face said it all!

Back in September, the actor told The Hollywood Reporter that Affleck -- with whom he won his first Oscar for Good Will Hunting -- that “there’s nobody who’s more misunderstood.”

Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced on their 10-year wedding anniversary last June that they were splitting up. Rumors later swirled that Affleck’s alleged infidelity may have been a reason for the couple’s breakup.