2016 Golden Globes: The Best, Worst and Weirdest Moments

From standing ovations to awkward bear costumes, here are the Golden Globes moments you'll be talking about tomorrow.

With Ricky Gervais behind the wheel as host of the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards and a score of surprising wins, awkward attempts as presenters being funny -- and wildly successful attempts at presenters being funny -- the night was filled with a wide selection of both heartwarming and cringe-inducing moments. Here's a look at some of the best, worst and weirdest moments from one of the biggest nights for Hollywood royalty.

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Sylvester Stallone's Standing Ovation


The 69-year-old star took home his very first Golden Globe award for his role in Creed, where he again played his iconic character Rocky Balboa, which first earned him a Globe nom in 1976. Forty years later and he's finally taking home the hardware, and the audience could not have been more excited for the Hollywood veteran.

JLaw and Schumer Prove They Should Host


They are already besties and they are both experienced comedy pros, so despite JLaw's assurance that they wouldn't ever take the challenge on, their chemistry while presenting speaks for itself.

Jim Carrey's Ad-Libbed Presentation


Carrey's hilarious send-up of the importance celebs place on awards was already one of the highlights of the night, even before it was revealed that much of the monologue was apparently ad-libbed because the prompter broke! Good work, sir.

Ryan Gosling Hates Brad Pitt


Gosling is hot. Brad Pitt is also hot. Together they are just volcanic. If you really need more reason for this moment's greatness, Gosling is also good at being funny and it's always great to watch someone knock Pitt down a peg (because he's perfect and he can take it).

America Ferrera and Eva Longoria Remind Everyone Who They Are


Ferrera and Longoria did a great job lampooning the Golden Globes themselves for the awkward time the show accidentally mistook a picture of Ferrera for a picture of Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez in a tweet announcing the year's nominees. It's just solid self-referential humor that plays out swiftly and brilliantly.

Taraji P. Henson's Cookie Giveaway


Henson, who plays Cookie on Empire, handed out cookies as she walked up to accept the award for Best Actress in a Drama Series. Get it? Because her name on the show is Cookie? Shut up, it's funny.

Aziz Ansari Reads Up On Losing


When the nominees for Best Actor in a Comedy Series were read, the Master of None star seemed pretty sure he didn't have a chance. When the cameras cut to him, the comic was holding up a rare copy of the book "Losing to Jeffrey Tambor With Dignity." Ironically, Tambor didn't win either! Gael Garcia Bernal won for Mozart in the Jungle. But it still wasn't Aziz.

Leo's Gaga Awkwardness


When Lady Gaga won for Best Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie for her role on American Horror Story: Hotel, she walked past DiCaprio and glanced his shoulder. The Revenant star's startled, hilarious reaction spread like wildfire. DiCaprio spoke with ET after the show, where he won for Best Actor in a Dramatic Motion Picture where he explained it all away, saying, "I just didn’t know what was passing me -- that’s all!" Leo's sweet embrace with Titanic co-star Kate Winslet was much more endearing.

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Amber Heard and Jaimie Alexander's Teleprompter Fail


Unlike Jim Carrey's ad-libbed teleprompter save, Heard and Alexander didn't know what to do when the prompter messed up, leaving them silent, awkward and stranded on stage. It was a deer in the headlights moment that's right up there with the best of them.

Ricky Gervais and Mel Gibson


Gervais took heat for some harsh things he had to say about Gibson a few years ago during the Golden Globes. So, in a surprise to no one, he made things awkward yet again. So awkward that, at one point, NBC just had to cut the audio for an entire exchange, leaving everyone to wonder what Ricky said. (Oh, yeah, click here to find out what he said.)

Ken Jeong and Kevin Hart


The Ride Along 2 co-stars are some of the funniest people in Hollywood, so why was their brief little sketch the most painfully unfunny moment of the night?

Lady Gaga Forgets Her Fiance


Lady Gaga was as surprised as everyone else that she won for Best Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie for her role on American Horror Story: Hotel. But when she got up there, the shaken star managed to thank everyone -- except her fiancé Taylor Kinney. As a rule, significant others tend to feel hurt when you forget they exist during your big moment.

Jamie Foxx's Steve Harvey Moment


When Jamie Foxx and Lily James presented the award for Best Original Score in a Motion Picture, Foxx pulled a Steve Harvey and read the wrong name. Unlike Harvey, the person Foxx named as winner wasn't actually even in the running. Foxx said the winner was Straight Outta Compton, which was notoriously snubbed when nominees were announced. But the joke was just too easy! The People's Choice Awards already mocked that blunder last week.

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Ricky Gervais Getting to Host Again


We're not saying he did a bad job, because he certainly didn't. We're just saying that the comic stuck by his guns and made sure to make people very uncomfortable in nearly the exact same way as he did before when the HFPA got all angry. So why bring him back?

Jonah Hill Presenting as a Bear


Jonah Hill dressed up as the bear from The Revenant and gave a rambling, very meta speech about being a young up-and-coming bear in Hollywood. But the whole thing fell painfully flat. Maybe if he's gone all out and dressed in a full bear costume, that would have sold it? But we'll never know now. All we know is Jane Fonda didn’t find it funny at all.

Matt Damon's Uncomfortable Position


When Matt Damon came out to present, he was introduced by Ricky Gervais as "the only person who Ben Affleck hasn’t been unfaithful to." Given he's one of Affleck's besties, that's got to be a difficult situation for The Martian star to navigate. He did his best, but the moment was just too cringe-worthy to save.

Ridley Scott Hates the Golden Globes Orchestra


Lots of stars who give acceptance speeches hate being played off by the orchestra, and will try to talk over the music for as long as they can. Not many say "screw you" to the producers and orchestra itself. When Ridley Scott's film The Martian won for Best Picture, Comedy (For some reason? But that's another bit of categorization weirdness) the 78-year-old filmmaker wasn't going to take this "getting a limited amount of time for an acceptance speech" nonsense lying down. But it all just came off as kind of cranky.

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