Golden Globes: Looking Back at the Biggest Dress Misses of All Time

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Hollywood is full of fashion ris-takers. Some of the bold gowns they slip into look fantastic on the red carpet, but others fall furiously flat. And when the stage is as big as the Golden Globes, that means the worst of them are pretty much D.O.A.

However, you've got to give some credit to the stars who took a chance.

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Fashion darling Michelle Williams rarely takes a misstep, but the daisy-covered Valentino she wore to the awards show in 2011 had a lackluster hue and looked like it would've fit better in her 1999 period flick Dick than on a red carpet.

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Jane Fonda also usually brings it to big events, but last year, this cream-colored Yves Saint Laurent dress overwhelmed her tiny frame and just felt too stuffy.

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There are a few, however, that we can't even wrap our heads around. Back in 2000, Gwyneth Paltrow put virtually no effort into her look, turning up in a light yellow halter top and brown pants.

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Sarah Jessica Parker looked like she stepped out of a Madonna video in this corset-and-pants combo in 2003.

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And while we want to love everything Diane Kruger steps out in, even Barbie wouldn't have gone to a prom in the pink Christian Lacroix gown the actress wore in 2010.

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These aren't the only actresses who've taken a wrong fashion turn at the Golden Globes. Click through the gallery below to see who else has missed the mark over the years.

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