Grammys Flashback '95: Aerosmith's Learned Lesson


Aerosmith has etched itself into rock music history through its many years in the business, but it hasn't always been a smooth road for the band. In 1995, after Aerosmith had just won its third Grammy, the band reflected on the turbulent journey they had led.

Following their soaring launch into the music industry in the '70s with five platinum albums, Aerosmith suffered a rift in the band that wasn't emanating from Joe Perry's guitar. Perry left the band and formed his own project in 1979, which didn't bode well with fans.

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The band got together five years later, and was able to recapture its deep fan base after a few albums. Almost a decade after reuniting, Aerosmith put out Get a Grip, which earned it the Best Rock Performance Grammy in two consecutive years. After receiving the award for "Crazy," lead vocalist Steven Tyler and drummer Joey Kramer reflect on the band's schism.

"We got a good chance to see what it was that breaks bands up and how foolish it is [because] the music is the biggest thing," Tyler says in the pressroom following the award. "When we get five guys together and they can create something like a song or an album or a good time, you don't want to kill that for any reason."

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"The ironic thing is that we were the last ones to know about it, about how it felt," Kramer adds.

In 2009, nearly fifteen years after the band had professed that it had learned its lesson, Aerosmith quaked again from another rift involving Perry. Tyler was then nearly replaced as lead singer, but all was eventually amended.

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All bridges magically remained intact and the band recently put out its fifteenth studio album, Music From Another Dimension!.