Don't Touch Ne-Yo's Mashed Potatoes!

Don't Touch Ne-Yo's Mashed Potatoes!

Wednesday night was a good night for Ne-Yo. He got to perform in front of thousands live and millions via broadcast at the Grammy nominations concert, and was nominated for a Grammy for Best Dance Recording. So, he was mostly jolly for his interview with ET, until it came to talking about his favorite holiday dish.

When the "Let's Go" singer was asked about his holiday plans, he revealed that he'll be heading home to Atlanta to be with his family for Christmas. While Ne-Yo was excited to be able to enjoy the rare pleasure of sitting down for a meal with his family, he let it be known that the holidays won't be happy if someone lays a hand on his favorite dish: Grandma's mashed potatoes.

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"In my house at Christmas, there is my mashed potatoes and everybody else's mashed potatoes," he said with a smile. "Don't touch my mashed potatoes! You can have anything else; the mashed potatoes are mine...I don't even know what it is she does to 'em, but it's the greatest thing I've ever tasted in life and if you touch 'em, you might pull back a nub."

Ne-Yo's nomination on the night was his thirteenth overall in five years. With the prospect of winning his fourth Grammy in mind, he likened the nomination to his favorite holiday dish.

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"It never gets old, I'll say that. It's always a great, nice warm feeling," the 30-year-old singer said of the nomination. "It's a home-cooked meal, is what it is."

Country star Hunter Hayes, who also performed on the night, said he wasn't expecting to be nominated for any awards despite the known tendency of the show's producers to select performers based on their high likeliness of receiving a nomination.

"It feels awesome," the "Wanted" singer said. "Having the respect of everybody at the Grammys is huge. I sat down in the audience kind of just planning to watch the show. [I] totally didn't expect any of that and we got three, and that's a huge, huge compliment from the music industry."

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While the nominations concert moved to Nashville this year, the 2013 Grammys will remain in Los Angeles, where they will be broadcast live on February 10 at 8 p.m. on CBS.