Kristen Wiig's Crazy 'Chandelier' Modern Dancing Steals the Show at GRAMMYs 2015

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A number of stars have performed emotional, bizarre interpretive dances to Sia's hit songs — Lena Dunham, Shia LaBeouf — and at Sunday's 2015 GRAMMY Awards, Saturday Night Live alum Kristen Wiig has added her name to that list.

Wiig surprised everyone when she appeared on stage for a striking “Chandelier” performance with Maddie Ziegler – the 12-year-old Dance Moms star who danced solo in the song's unsettling music video -- and then blew the doors off the place with a striking performance.

In what ended up being one of the most interesting and liveliest numbers of the show’s staggering three-and-a-half hour run, Wiig and Ziegler danced a turbulent and chaotic interpretive number, with Wiig often lightening the mood with bizarre little physicalities that gave the performance life.

While the dance itself didn’t have the intense severity of the song’s emotional music video, it managed to maintain the song’s creepy atmosphere with some truly stunning set decoration -- including Sia, motionlessly singing in the back while facing the wall.

But enough about, Sia. Back to Wiig. Here she is getting fierce with Ziegler

Or desperately trying to dance a shirt onto her head.

Or helping Ziegler recreate Taylor Swift's "crazy face" from her "Black Space" performance at the AMAs.

Seriously, there was a lot of dance-fighting, and it was all great.

While it might not have been as amazing as Jim Carey and Kate McKinnon’s "Chandelier" performance on SNL in October, Wiig did a great job rocking the platinum bob.

Check out the video below for a look at the controversial “Elastic Heart” music video, released early last month.

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