FLASHBACK: This Video of Aaron Carter Trapped in Leather Pants is The Greatest Thing You'll See Today

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The year was 2002.

The event was the GRAMMYs.

…and the struggle is so real, because Aaron Carter is trapped in leather pants.

ET was invited to ride along with a 22-year-old Nick Carter and 14-year-old Aaron to the 2002 GRAMMY Awards – but drama ensued in the hotel room before the big show, when Aaron just couldn’t decide what to wear.

“We’re just madly trying to figure out what Aaron is going to wear!” said Jane Carter, Nick and Aaron’s mom. “We’re down to the wire. We don’t know if we’re going to make it!”

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Jane and Nick were doing their very best to convince Aaron to go with a hip leather brown outfit -- but there was just one dilemma.

“He doesn’t like these pants because he thinks they’re a little tight,” said Nick. “But I said they look good, honestly.”


After the epic battle to get the outfit over Aaron’s head, he was finally ready to go – but he absolutely hated it. At least the tightness problem was solved by cutting holes for a better fit!


Like it or not, the brothers set off to the big show! Nick and Aaron had high hopes that the Backstreet Boys would finally win their first GRAMMY award. They were up against some stiff competition from ‘N SYNC, Aaron’s apparent arch enemies.

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“I don’t think it’s right because ‘N SYNC has been taking a lot of tolls on a lot of things but if you think about it, Backstreet Boys started everything,” ranted Aaron. “I bet you anything all those guys look up to the Backstreet Boys, Joey looks up to AJ, Justin looks up to Nick.”


Nick was clearly getting a little uncomfortable with Aaron’s adorable tirade and quickly added his two cents, “You know what, we love ‘N SYNC. We love all the groups out there.”


Tell us how you really feel, Aaron!

To the surprise of boy band fans around the world, both BSB and ‘NSYNC lost out to U2 that year – but the fact remains, Aaron Carter was still stuck in leather pants and hating It every step of the way.

Check out this video for the must see leather pants debacle before the 2002 GRAMMYs.

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