'The Dictator' Dumps Ashes All Over Ryan Seacrest


Sacha Baron Cohen arrived for the Oscars dressed as his character from his upcoming movie, 'The Dictator,' and the expected antics ensued, as he dumped white powder purported to be the ashes of Kim Jong-il all over Ryan Seacrest.

'The Dictator' Makes Oscar Demands

Baron Cohen, who was first told by the Academy that he could not attend the show in character, carried an urn with Jong-il's face, telling Seacrest, "It was his dream to come to the Oscars and to be sprinkled over the red carpet," before he seemingly "accidentally" upended the urn all over Seacrest.

Sacha Baron Cohen's Oscar Controversy

'The Dictator' was dragged off by security, while a dazed Seacrest, tux covered from chest to knee in the powder, attempted to compose himself, while fellow news crews offered him a towel, a napkin and a lint brush by way of assistance. A shaken Seacrest shared, "Now you know this isn't taped, anything can happen ... all over my lapel."

Giuliana Rancic told Ryan he "was lucky" that he'd been the target of Baron Cohen's ash-bomb, while Tina Fey also had comforting words when she approached shortly after, telling Seacrest he'd been "a victim of comedy."