Oscars Flashback '83: Sly's Praises & Irony


At the 55th Academy Awards in 1983, Sylvester Stallone may not have won or even been nominated for an award but he was sure happy to see someone else win.

Heading to the Governor's Ball after-party, Entertainment Tonight snagged Stallone on the red carpet and asked him his thoughts about the show, which had just ended. He enjoyed the show, he said, and had endearing words for Meryl Streep.

"I'm so happy that Meryl won," he said of her receiving the Best Lead Actress award for Sophie's Choice. "She was just so sincere about it and I was excited because, to me, that's entertainment."

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Although his classic film Rocky won the Best Picture award in 1977, Stallone never won an individual Oscar for the film franchise, and has not won an Oscar to date even though Rocky was inducted into the National Film Registry.

When it comes to assessing his most applicable category, the then-37-year-old actor makes a slightly ironic statement given his experience at the Academy Awards.

"I thought Paul Newman was going to win, but then again I thought Dustin Hoffman was extraordinary," he said of the year's Best Actor nominees. "I mean you can't get any better, but then again, that's why I'm not a bookie. I am the worst at picking long-shots."