Oscars Flashback '89: Tom Hanks' Elated First Nod


Tom Hanks has been adorned with awards in his cherished film career, so awards ceremonies have become an annual event for him. However, we take you back to 1989 to Hanks' first Academy Awards, when he could only dream of his future acting success.

"This came just as it's supposed to. It was a surprise and a real thrill. It was an honor. We were both on the couch in the morning there blubbering before we had to go to work," Hanks says alongside newlywed wife Rita Wilson of his first Oscar nomination.

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His nomination that year was for the 1988 fantasy film Big, in which Hanks portrays the transformed version of a 12-year-old boy who wants to become an adult. For the convincing role, Hanks also received a Golden Globe nomination amongst other nods.

"Oh, no, if they're going to give away vacuum cleaners I'll take one home. It's as simple as that," the then-32-year-old actor says of his thoughts on potentially going home with an award.

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While he received his first Golden Globe that year for Big, Hanks didn't win the Oscar. However, he would win his first Oscar in 1993 on his next nomination for Philadelphia and leave the Academy Awards with more than just a vacuum cleaner.