John Travolta Returns to the Oscars! 8 Celebrities Whose Names May Be Travolta-Ized

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Please let him introduce Benedict Cumberbatch.

Adele Dazeem 2015!

Surely, everyone remembers where they were when they heard John Travolta introduce Frozen star Idina Menzel as "Adele Dazeem" at the 2014 Oscars. It was an amazing moment that we all shared, but ultimately, despite flubs of their own this year, there's no way they'd have Travolta back...

KIDDING! He's totally presenting again, and these are eight Oscar hopefuls who had better beware of having their name pronounced with a little Travolta magic.

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1. Patricia Arquette (Boyhood)

IFC Films

Risk: 6/10
Most Likely Pronunciation: Qwerty Tapree

2. Bradley Cooper (American Sniper)

Warner Bros.

Risk: 4/10
Most Likely Pronunciation: Bradele Percoo

3. Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitation Game)

Weinstein Company

Risk: 8/10
Most Likely Pronunciation: Antoinette Benny

4. Emma Stone (Birdman)

Fox Searchlight

Risk: 3/10
Most Likely Pronunciation: Selma Tone

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5. Alejandro González Iñárritu (Birdman)

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Risk: Game Over.
Most Likely Pronunciation: Al....Enya Naruto? *walks off stage*

6. Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl)

20th Century Fox

Risk: 7/10
Most Likely Pronunciation: Possibly Mike

7. John Legend & Common (Selma)

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Risk: 5/10
Most Likely Pronunciation: Dahmun and Lajeen

8. Meryl Streep (Into The Woods)

Walt Disney Pictures

Risk: Oh, God no.
Most Likely Pronunciation: Meryl Streep. This one will be pre-recorded.

In all seriousness, we love John Travolta! Just please, please let him introduce Benedict Cumberbatch.

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