Neil Patrick Harris Fears He Can't Top Ellen DeGeneres' Epic Oscars Selfie

NPH admits that Ellen is a touch act to follow.

Neil Patrick Harris is gearing up to host the 87th Academy Awards on Sunday, but admits to former 2014 Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres that she's a tough act to follow thanks to her epic, star-studded selfie.

"Here's my biggest concern," the former How I Met Your Mother star admits to Ellen on her Wednesday show. "Your selfie shot was the most spectacular, successful thing."

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At the 2014 Oscars, Ellen got everyone from Bradley Cooper to Brad Pitt to participate in a selfie that was taken live during the awards show. "It worked out so well," NPH complimented the talk-show host. "But it's a horrible dark cloud."

Further expressing his fears that he can't one-up the pic, he adds, "Above my head now. How do you try to beat the selfie that broke the internet?"

Ellen responds, "Yeah, I don't know. That was so lucky." The 41-year-old actor quips back, "I see that in my nightmares."

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While NPH admits that he's still trying to come up with something great, Ellen suggests that instead of photos, he paint the celebrities' portraits. "I'll slowly paint them the whole show," he jokes.

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