Kevin Hart to Neil Patrick Harris: I'm Coming Back to Host the Oscars!

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Forget the nominees. Forget the performers. The most excited person at tonight’s Oscars has to be Kevin Hart.

“I can’t even hide it, I think it’s in my face,” Hart told ET's Nancy O’Dell and Kevin Frazier on the red carpet. “This is my first time being at the Oscars. I’m in awe! I’m a kid in the candy story.”

But he does have some ulterior motives: “This is a testament that you’re going in the right direction,” he explained. “This is that one step. The next step is to come back and host.”

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As if Neil Patrick Harris wasn’t already feeling the pressure to knock this hosting gig out of the park, now he has to worry about Kevin Hart replacing him.

It wouldn’t be a bad choice either. ET asked Hart how he got so funny and his answer might surprise you: “Basically, it was either make people laugh or fight,” he told us. “I couldn’t fight, so this is the only option I had. I chose the comedy route!

As for how he got so cute? Well, he didn’t have an answer for that one. “I wish I could answer that,” he blushed. “I got to give that responsibility to my beautiful mommy and daddy. I don’t know how. All I can do is smile.”

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And while the #AskHerMore campaign started online to demand women get asked about more than just who they’re wearing, Hart was happy to take on some of the fashion questions: “Do you see what’s going on right now?” he joked, while rocking an all-white tux. “Can the camera give me a fashion moment? Slow turn!”

And slow turn he did:

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