Whoops! Chiwetel Ejiofor & 3 Other Names Neil Patrick Harris Messed Up at the Oscars


Did Neil Patrick Harris not learn anything from Adele Dazeem?!

The first-time Oscar host seemed to have an extra hard time pronouncing actors’ names at the coveted awards ceremony on Sunday night, going all out!

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First there was the mispronunciation of Chiwetel Ejiofor. (Who is Chitewel Ejiofor?)

And Chris Pratt. (Yes, really! Who is Chris Pratts?)

And Margot Robbie. (Paging Margot ... Rowbie?)

And David Oyelowo. (It's "Oh-yellow-oh"!)

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Did NPH learn anything from Brad Pitt’s pronunciation lesson for Oyelowo’s name at the Palm Springs Film Festival in January?

With all these slips, we started to wonder: Was he doing these on purpose? Apparently one of them was definitely intentional.

“I will intentionally mispronounce Chiwetel Ejiofor’s name to bring public awareness to the proper pronunciation of Chiwetel Ejiofor’s name,” NPH said during his end-of-show Oscar predictions reveal.

At least none of these name flubs were as eyebrow-raising as last year’s John Travolta Adele Dazeem slip. He returned to the Academy Awards stage to poke fun at his Idina Menzel fail, only to create one of the most awkward Oscar moments ever.

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