12 Things You Didn't See on TV While Watching the 87th Academy Awards

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While the 87th Academy Awards was televised in over 225 countries around the world on Sunday, there was plenty that fans didn't see on TV. ETonline was inside Hollywood's biggest night and has the inside scoop into what really happens at the Oscars.

1. Arrivals

While stars enjoy the cries of fans and the flashing bulbs of photographers when they first arrive at the Dolby Theatre, it's not the same for non A-listers. If you're not an invited celebrity guest, you are ushered in and told to "move along" until you get inside. The never-ending line is slow moving as everyone tries to soak it all in, but you definitely feel the pressure to just keep walking. The experience is very much like cattle being herded.

2. Seating

Once you're inside the theatre, the pressure is on to get to your seat as the show counts down the minutes until the host is set to take the stage. And just like a Broadway show, if you're not in your seat when the show starts, you won't be able to get in until the next break.

3. The Bling

The stage was not the only part of that venue that sparkled. The balconies were lined in crystals, and the entire space truly dazzled!

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4. The View

For those in the nosebleed section or sitting in the side balconies with obstructed views, there were TVs strategically placed to ensure that you did not miss a close-up shot of any moment on stage and those side camera shots of A-list reactions. It was like watching it at home, but you're just a little more dressed up than usual!

5. The Audience Reaction

Host Neil Patrick Harris' first line was just as funny to the audience inside as it was on screen. The monologue with his line, "Tonight we honor the best and the whitest—sorry brightest" was truly a hit. In the lobbies, guests were overheard saying, "Neil is so funny." "He's doing a great job."

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6. The Commercial Breaks

What really happened when the awards went to commercial? If you weren't rushing for a quick bathroom break, you could grab a complimentary drink at the bar. While beverages were not allowed inside of the theater, a couple of people managed to sneak in their wine in the third floor mezzanine section. And just like every party with free booze, there's always that one person who drinks too much. At least one guest was spotted without her shoes, stumbling around until she was escorted out.

7. The Fog

The machine used to produce fog during Rita Ora's performance of  "Grateful" was in full blast. In fact, the smoke lingered in the air well after the number and could still be seen when Ansel Elgort and Chloe Grace Moretz presented the award for Best Visual Effects.

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8. The Tears

All the crying seen on TV was real. In addition to the waterworks that followed John Legend and Common's performance of  "Glory," tears also came from a woman who worked for the production of Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1, the film that won for Best Documentary Short. While she did not accept the award on stage, she reacted the way anyone would winning an Oscar.

9. The Impact

The audience walked away feeling inspired. When Patricia Arquette brought up the need for gender and wage equality and Common and John Legend got political about the struggle for justice saying, "There are more black men under correctional control today then were under slavery in 1850," both of these acceptance speeches were met with thunderous applause from the audience. During the breaks, you could hear, "Patricia Arquette deserves another award for what she said for women," and "I can't believe that statistic that Legend threw out there."

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10. The Lego Oscars

Oprah wasn't the only one who landed a coveted toy statue handed out during the "Everything Is Awesome" performance. Channing Tatum had his hands on one at one point. And both the talk show host and Emma Stone were spotted holding on to them at the Governor's Ball afterwards.

11. The Massive Crew

The amount of people that work this event is truly remarkable. There were the security guards posted at metal detectors, the ushers who guided you through the walkways, the wait staff with hors d’oeuvres, and the staff who worked past 2 a.m. breaking down the red carpet. And that doesn't even capture all of the crew that made the show happen.

12. A Family Affair

By the end of the night, it was clear that this event is a moment for celebs to celebrate with their parents. Everyone from Emma Stone to The Imitation Game's Graham Moore brought their mothers as dates and even partied with them at the Governors Ball after party. Wild's Laura Dern posed for an adorable shot with Eddie Redmayne, who let her daughter hold onto his Oscar. Dern also brought her father Bruce, who was nominated the year before.


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