13 Reasons The Oscars Were Way Better With Jennifer Lawrence

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The Oscars last night, along with Mockingjay being the number 7 movie on Tumblr's Fandometrics got us thinking about how Jennifer Lawrence wasn't involved in awards season this year, as she had no nominations. Not to draw conclusions here, but that could be directly related to this awards season being a little more "meh” than past years (sorry NPH, you did your best).

Here are 13 reasons an awards season without Jennifer Lawrence shouldn't be a thing we let happen EVER AGAIN.

1. First things first, how is it 2015 already why are we so old?!?!:

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2. Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress:

3. She also makes the best faces:

4. And her absence is tough to swallow:

5. And sure, Josh Hutcherson can handle himself just fine:

6. But seeing him with other people is deeply upsetting:

7. Lady Gaga's amazing performance doesn't help either:

8. You're just irreplaceable Jennifer!:

9. Emma Stone clearly misses you:

10. And how much fun would J Law have been with a LEGO Oscar?!?:

11. Someone even recreated last years selfie with LEGOs!


13: It's really not the same without you:

We love you Jennifer Lawrence come back!!

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